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Belt Loops

  Pin Form  

The "Sports and Academics" program for the new millennium is now referred to as the "Academics and Sports" program.  With a bottom to top re-design, the new incarnation of the "Sports and Academics" program warrants a new name!

The Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide (No. 34299) consolidates all of the individual belt loop and pin requirements into one book. The guide is loose-leaf, making it easy to fit in a three-ring binder and pull out requirement/resource pages for copying and distribution to parents and adult partners.

This is not meant to be a competitive program, instead, the boys are encouraged to DO THEIR BEST. For scouts unable participate in the activity completely you can not substitute requirements, except in the case of a handicap scout. You can adjust the requirements so that a boy only has to do his best.

The Sports and Academic Program is an optional program for all Cub Scouts. It is not part of the normal requirements towards ranks (except were used in obtaining the Webelos Sportsman and Athlete activity badges). Its purpose is to assist the Scouts in learning a new skill, or improving one they already posses.

Throughout the sports and physical fitness program, the boy is urged to "do his best" and is encouraged to involve an adult teammate whenever possible. Loops, pins, letters can be are earned by all boys in the Cub Scout program (Tiger Cubs, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts).

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Belt Loops (learn the activity and apply)

The Cub Scout Belt Loops are worn on the navy blue Cub Scout belt. They will not fit on the khaki (olive) Boy Scout/ Webelos belt. Webelos may continue to wear the blue belt on their uniforms. The same belt loop may be earned once within each rank.

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Cub Scout Letter (Were do I put the pins?)

Cub Scout Letter (a large "C")  is worn on sweater, jacket, or the red 'brag' vest. The letter is for Cub Scouts who earn both the belt loop and pin and involve an adult teammate in the activity. The letter is given for the first pin earned, and all other pins are just added to the letter.

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The loop is for learning the activity, the pin is for applying over a longer period of time, and the letter is to have somewhere to put the pins.

For example: a scout plays on a soccer team and practices several times a week to improve their skills. This alone would qualify the scout for the soccer belt loop.  The scout also gets the Cub Scout  letter, if they have not earned it for a previous pin.

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Check Lists

The sheets on this web site are an attempt to itemize the key points so that an adult and child can do the belt loop activity without having book in hand. The sheets on this web site are also an aid to use in planning a belt loop activity for an outing or meeting.

Archery, Art, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, BB-Gun, Bicycling, Bowling, Fishing, Chess, Citizenship, Communicating, Computers, Geography, Golf, Gymnastics, Heritages, Marbles, Mathematics, Music, Physical Fitness, Science, Skating (both roller and ice)Skiing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ultimate, Volleyball, Weather, Wildlife