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Archery Beltloop




An increased emphasis on safety (effective January 1, 2000) for the archery belt loop and pin will require that it be earned in BSA camps under BSA-certified supervision. A new, copper-colored belt loop similar to BB-gun shooting will be made available.

Cub Scout Sports for Camp Only

Shooting Sports for Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, and Parents in Camp, No. 13-550, has been developed for those who will give guidance to Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts in learning BB-gun and archery shooting-sports skills while in camp.

The Archery belt loop and pin can only be awarded by a BSA range-trained   shooting-sports director.

Belt Loop

Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts can earn the archery belt loop by participating in the archery safety program at Cub Scout camp.

Sports Pin

The archery pin is earned by completing the camp archery safety program and qualifying with a minimum of 30 credits in firing activities with a parent or adult partner. A certified range officer must be present.

Required Activities:

  1. Complete the camp basic archery marksmanship safety course (15 credits).
  2. Fire five groups of arrows (three arrows per group) that are within the "9" or gold target area (15 credits).

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award Certificate

Before firing the Pro Archer course, the camper is to complete the following:

  1. Explain how to string your bow and explain these of archery equipment.
  2. Be able to list and discuss nine points in 'Shooting Techniques."

Pro Archer Level

Shoot five groups (three arrows per group) trying to group each set within a circle the size of the nine-ring. (No specific score is required.)

Then fire for the Pro Archer score.

Level of Recognition Number of Arrows Distance Score
Pro Archer 30 15 feet 30
Archer I 30 20 feet 30
Archer II 30 20 feet 50
Archer III 30 20 feet 100

In Cub Scout archery, the camp awards the certificate when the Cub Scout or Webelos Scout qualifies for the different levels of recognition. It is possible to earn four certificates if every level of marksmanship has been accomplished.