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Blue & Gold 2007

The Blue & Gold banquet was well attended and everyone who was there had a lot of fun. This year's theme was "Aloha Cub Scouts." The tables were decorated and the music was of a Hawaiian theme. There were games such as hula hoop and the limbo, which is always fun to watch. Many awards were given out. For a list of volunteers and Pack 485 leaders, see the bottom of this page.
Light of Christ

Manuelramon Bunyi

Medal will be awarded at the Cathedral in St. Augustine by the Bishop.

  Lucas Kyles, William Monlezun, Zachary Rogers  
  Lucas Baisley, Manuelramon Bunyi, Alex Kyles, Trey Lamb, Ethan Leavit, Alexander Martinez, Tayvon Norman, Zachary Rogers, Darrin Rowe, Jordan Thomas, Joseph Valerio, Erik Yeatman.  
  Jacob Rogers  
  Caleb Baisley, Jesse Christian, Asad Mitri, John Yazji, Phillip Yeatman.  
Arrow of Light
  Kyle Bunyi  
Special Volunteers
Cheryl Butler   Religious Emblem Chairperson
Laurel Owens   Religious Emblem Chairperson
Christopher Corns   Popcorn Chairperson
Mike Conrad   Pinewood Derby Chairperson
Lisa Bell   Blue & Gold Dinner Chairperson
Lynn Monlezun   Co-Chair Blue & Gold Dinner
Pack 485 Leaders
Steve Bell   Committee Chair
Gregory Bell   Cubmaster
Kathleen Lauderdale   Asst. Cubmaster
Steve Bell   Treasurer
Sandra Coyle   Secretary
Mike Conrad   Advancement
Mike Madden   Historian
Eddie Kyles   Uniforms
Phillip Yeatman   Tiger Leader
Stephanie Rogers   Wolf Leader
Fran Christian   Bear Leader
Mike Madden   Webelos Leader
Jeff Lauderdale   Asst. Webelos Leader
Mike Monlezun   Webmaster / Event Chair